Tony Beltramelli
CEO & Founder

Presenter Profile: Tony Beltramelli is the co-founder and CEO of Uizard Technologies, a startup developing AI-powered tools to revolutionize the way people build software. He got into machine intelligence during his graduate studies at the IT University of Copenhagen and ETH Zurich. His research work on applications of deep learning has been recognized globally and featured in international media such as WIRED, Forbes, The Huffington Post and The Next Web. He was recently shortlisted in Forbes’ 30 under 30 2019 list.

Presentation Title: Towards the democratization of design with AI

Outline: Organizations around the world know and understand the value of design as a core part of their business, leading to the success or the failure of their products and services. However, as design processes become more complex and start involving a lot of different profiles within companies, design tools are becoming a bottleneck due to their complexity and steep learning curves. In this talk, we will explore AI’s potential to democratize design by making tools accessible to everyone in an organization, thus enabling a more seamless collaboration between designers, managers, executives, and developers.

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