Steve Cook
Head of Experience Design

Presenter Profile: Colleagues see me as the person who challenges limiting beliefs, tests assumptions, and drives ideas into action by building strong relationships. My identities of artist/researcher/educator/designer enable me to translate concepts between creative and analytical spaces and make cross-disciplinary connections.

Presentation Title: Building Authentic Brands and Accessible Design Systems

Outline: MetaDesign has been building brands and design systems for over 40 years. Recently I have seen a critical shift from a unilateral approach to design, to a multilateral approach. Design has become a strategic instrument within some organizations. And this is no longer limited to just a few global brands. Yet I have seen working with my clients a set of patterns that have remained consistent over the last decades. Those who are the guardians of design and the brand that they have at their fingertips hold on to their so-called power of being “design affine”. This stifles the importance of which design can help evolve and grow a business. I will take you throught how we can move away from enforcing the rules about how to use design, to enabling collaboration that will excite and move people.

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