Rethabile Konopo
Author and Founder
Pereko Foundation

Profile: Rathabile is a Labour Law Consultant who fell in love with Legal and Systems Design.   As a researcher, she studies and speaks about hybrid professionals – people with multiple professional identities who integrate talents together and bring unique value to employers and clients.

She is the founder of the Pereko Foundation, a social enterprise in Gaborone, South-East, Botswana that is tackling social injustice through education, design, advocacy and storytelling for good. Rathabile is the author the ‘The ABCs of Design Thinking’ 

Presentation Title: Operationalising Service Design

Outline: The field of design is enormously broad, encompassing the practices of interaction design, graphic design, industrial design, design research, and more. As a systems designer, I specialize in zooming in and out. I’m constantly jumping back and forth between the big picture and the little details. I work with teams to bring the best of all disciplines together to design individual elements that form an integrated, cohesive experience for end-users. I ask questions like “How might the environment support the new behaviors we’re trying to create? How might digital tools enable a new mindset? How might trends in other adjacent systems — like health care, for example — interact with our current systems design challenge?” I create intentional interactions between parts.

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