Oli Shaw 
Global Director
BCG Design Studios

Presenter Profile: Oli Shawis a global design leader with over 20 years of experience in creating impact through design. He establishes and grows design studios globally, working with Fortune 500 organisations to evolve the organisation and design meaningful experiences for customers, employees, and businesses. He leads, directs, and coaches senior business leaders and their organisations to envision a new future for their business, through end-to-end design-led transformations. Using research, strategy, and business cases, senior stakeholder buy-in and advising, design, prototyping, change management, delivery, and implementation. Oli has had the privilege and responsibility of starting design studios in new markets, transforming struggling studios, and scaling design networks globally. He drives this growth by proving the return on design investment, design leadership, P+L management, customer engagement, and business operations.

Presentation Title: Operationalising and Scaling Design at BCG

Outline: Oli has worked with a range of design consultancies to help them scale to meet demand, and better align to business goals; be it consultancy or in-house teams. Since 2017, when he wrote about the design singularity (https://medium.com/@olishaw/the-design-singularity-29cff0adb7d0), a lot has changed, and yet many of the same growth/scale challenges are still being faced by designers and design leaders. In this talk Oli will share the highs & lows, pain points and some solutions he has tried and tested globally over the last few years in helping grow design teams and design’s role in businesses. His talk will focus on developing design leaders, career pathways and learning journeys, work requests, projects, and prioritisation, creating a vision, target operating model, and the roadmap to change the business.

Company Website: https://www.bcg.com/