Sr. Director of Strategy and Operations—Design
Northwestern Mutual

Profile: Dave Malouf is currently the Sr. Director of Strategy and Operations—Design for Northwestern Mutual. He is based in New York City, USA. Previously, Dave was an independent consultant and part of the Group of Humans where he specialized in helping organizations across all market types kick off and design their own Design Operations Practices. His clients included Here, Inc, Boston Consulting Group—Tokyo, NYU, JPMorgan, Visa, The World Bank, Zalando, Elisa, among others. He is a co-author of the “Design Operations Handbook” by Design Better, InVision, author of “What is Design Operations?” on O’Reilly, and “UX Leadership Guidelines” by UXPin. He is also the co-founder and co-curator of Enterprise UX (now Enterprise Experience), and the DesignOps Summit. Finally, Dave is a co-founder of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), and was co-founder of its first Interaction conference, founder of its Student Design Challenge, and its Education Summit. He is a globally recognised keynote speaker, author, and workshop facilitator on the topics of Design Operations, Design Leadership, and Studio Design Practice.

Title: Remote Teams First

OutlineRemote workers and distributed teams is now. If any member of your team works from home on a snow day, or because their child is sick, or a repair person has to come you have remote teammates from time to time. If you encourage your team to do offsite research or go to a conference, you have remote teammates. If you need to accommodate people working on things at different times because of schedules you have a remote team. Remote is also an imperative part of any diversity & inclusion strategy.

In this talk, we’ll discuss why Remote First is the new reality for all parts of your organization, and what that means to the governance and policy of your company. We’ll also look at what are the special needs of a design organization, and how we can operationalize design teams to be remote ready from the ground up and how this impacts, tools, policies, workflows, and even how you manage the people on your teams.