June Cho
Developer and Design Evangelist

Presenter Profile: With over a decade of experience in working closely with developers, technical leaders, and C-suite execs, June is passionate about improving the relationship between designers and engineering to build beautiful products quickly. June is a Design and Developer Evangelist at Zeplin where he focuses on connecting design to development and help teams deliver on the promise of design. 

Presentation Title: Inclusive collaboration with your entire Product Team 

Outline: Zeplin provides an organized workspace to publish finalized designs, so the team has clarity on exactly what to build. Collaborating on designs is entirely different in Zeplin, which is accessible & friendly to users without design backgrounds. Scale your design system into the developer world and connect component to code, all with Zeplin.

In this workshop, we’re going to do a few things:

– Learn how Zeplin has better specs than design tools

– Transform your unlimited canvas with structure and organization

– Collaborate with your entire team in one place

– Save your developers time with reusable components

About Zeplin: Using your favorite design tool, you can publish finalized designs to Zeplin and provide the team with clarity on exactly what to build. Collaborating is entirely different in Zeplin, with an accessible design workspace that is friendly to non-designers. Now, the entire team including developers, PM’s copywriters & more can bring their skills together easily. Zeplin also provides much needed structure to design files, transforming a canvas of screens into an organized hierarchy, helping everyone understand design intention. Finally, scale you design system into the developer world and connect design components to live code. Deliver on the promise of design, with Zeplin.

Company Website: https://zeplin.io/