Joseph Lewis
Workshop Lead

Workshop Facilitator Profile: Joe is a leader UI designer and expert in using Sympli in the development of design systems in collaborative environments.

Sympli helps teams solve DesignOps challenges and deliver software products up to 20 percent faster. It streamlines UI design collaboration and delivery for teams that make web, mobile, desktop, and embedded apps, and is available as cloud SaaS and on-premise solution to conform with the strictest security requirements. 

A subsidiary of EastBanc Technologies, Sympli’s clients include Mastercard, Visa, Johns Hopkins, Humana, Badoo, Blue Apron, Razer, and Rakuten Viber. 

Presentation Title: Setting the foundations for an Inclusive Research Practice

Outline: The skills required to succeed in DesignOps have significantly evolved thanks to today’s highly collaborative and iterative product development cycle. 

As more teams look to integrate DesignOps throughout the development process, this evolution brings with it new expectations for design team velocity and more developer touch points riddled with friction.

This workshop will strengthen the technical and soft skills to help designers think like product leaders and work like developers, while continuing to improve and push the boundaries of their art. 

During this workshop, the Sympli team will demonstrate: 

  • Opportunities to simplify design-to-delivery, including handoff and iteration best practices between designers, developers and other internal stakeholders. 
  • Tools and processes to embrace collaboration while protecting source files and eliminating design review noise. 
  • How design teams at leading brands such as the Washington Post healed their relationship with developers to improve launch efficiency and quality and unlock new business revenue opportunities.

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