Susan Haigh
Head of Ecosystem Partnerships

Presenter Profile: Susan Haigh is Head of Ecosystem Partnerships at Uizard, the design tool for non-designers. She has worked on partnerships across think tanks, financial institutions, foundations, and companies, with a focus in recent years on growth marketing for startups and scaleups powered by AI and ML. She obtained her bachelor’s (2014) in international relations, French, and fine arts from Hope College in Holland, MI, USA, and served as a France Fulbright Scholar (2015).

Workshop Title: Disrupting How Design Gets Done: Inclusivity & Velocity with Uizard

Outline:  Design is now among the top drivers of software success. In fact, excellent design has become the silver bullet for companies to win over and retain customers. Many companies already get this; the case for beautiful design is clear, yet they struggle in the execution. That’s because, to thrive in a competitive software market, design must be interwoven into the fabric of all operations, rather than exclusively handled by professional designers. 

Design is inherently cross-functional, yet relevant voices are often left out. In this workshop, designers and non-designers alike will learn how to generate inclusivity in the design process, and to communicate, visualize, and iterate cross-functionally on product ideas. 

In the spirit of rapid experimentation, we’ll create sophisticated, professional, clickable prototypes in less than an hour, putting into practice the importance of velocity when it comes to iterating on design ideas and arriving at the best, customer-centric digital products and features. 

The session will include a brief overview on the no-design movement and the democratization of design, followed by the chance to jump into Uizard through practical exercises, both individual and collaborative, enabling attendees to experience the magic of rapid prototyping first hand. 

All workshop attendees will receive:

  • Free access to Uizard Pro for 3 months + special credits to take back to their team
  • Free access to Uizard’s invite-only community member platform
  • Free access to DesignOps’ community platform, normally requiring paid membership
  • A chance to win 1 year of free access to Uizard Pro + a swag box
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