Kelly Ann McKercher
Designer and Author
NSW Health Pathology

Presenter Profile:  Kelly Ann (them/they/theirs) is a designer and writer who has spent the last decade working across complex health and social service reform in Australia and New Zealand. Kelly Ann leads innovation at Australia’s largest public pathology service and is the author of Beyond Sticky Notes: Co-design for Real. Kelly Ann’s work on co-design and community-led design is used in universities, governments, private business and systems reform efforts internationally. Find Kelly Ann at or @kellyanagram 

Presentation Title: ‘Who cares in co-design?’ 

Outline: How many people can’t be included or stay included in your design work? Kelly Ann will explore the practical steps that organisations, design leaders and facilitators need to ensure that everyone involved in collaborative design feels safe enough to learn and share. Kelly Ann will present a ‘Model of Care for Co-design’ featuring practices and stories of applying care through trauma-informed, dignified, respectful and relational practices. This is a talk for everyone who works with people – not only those working in social design

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