Zoe Seaman 
Head of Design Operations 

Presenter Profile:​ ​As Head of Design Operations at Capital One in the UK, Zoe leads a team that partners with designers, product managers, engineers, marketing specialists, third parties and many other business and customer stakeholders. Her focus is to underpin the quality of design work by providing just enough process, intermediation and people-centred management, to bridge the gaps between designers and the environments where they need to deliver value. Zoe has been working in digital for over 15 years and with designers for the last 10 years. At bmibaby she worked with creative agencies to deliver web, mobile and email content and campaigns. Previous to that Zoe worked with TUI and lastminute.com on product management and conversion optimisation whilst managing and coaching teams.​

Presentation Title: Small d. Big O – A journey through Design Operations

Outline: Finance and especially credit services are delivered by complex organisations, they want big ‘D’ design, but the reality of doing design at Capital One makes the ‘O’ of operations invaluable, but it can take a while for people to realise that. Given this situation, the challenge of normalising the roles and responsibilities of Ops is bigger, with the need to build sub-specialisms; Research Operations (ResOps), Studio Operations (StudioOps), Design Operations (DesignOps) and Content Operations (ContentOps) in a variety of teams that suit the diversity of work.

Solidifying the DesignOps practise whilst hiring in talent was the point the Design Team started to feel more resilient and the impact of Ops was more apparent.

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