Anthony Hand  Snr User Experience Designer
UXPin – Sponsored Workshop

Presenter Profile: Anthony Hand is a user experience designer at PayPal working on innovative “DevOps” apps and services intended on improving internal developer productivity. Since Anthony graduated from the Univ. of Michigan with a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction, he has had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of user experiences for all of the major smartphone platforms, multiple desktop and web apps, and even a couple of automotive apps. In his free time, Anthony is working on a new open-source port of the Microsoft Fluent library to UXPin, and enjoys the local theater and spending time with friends over glasses of red wine.

Workshop Title: DesignOps 2.0 – Scale Up Design by Using Your Company’s Actual UI Library

Outline: Learn how to prototype enterprise and consumer-facing apps in a way that eliminates handoff drift and allows you to design and prototype at scale. During the extensive three-hour workshop, you’ll discover how to dramatically increase the velocity of design by importing your company’s themed UI controls from GitHub using UXPin’s revolutionary Merge technology. Everyone on a product team – whether designer, developer or product manager – can collaborate more efficiently by speaking the same language. Please note that this workshop does not involve coding as we’ll be working with an existing React-based UI control library in UXPin. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

 – How to design at scale, dramatically increasing velocity and productivity, by leveraging your company’s themed UI controls as the source of truth. 

 – How the entire product team, including developers and product managers, can work together to maximize user research, design iterations, and the design-to-code handoff.

 – How to redefine what “design operations” means for your organization.

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