Sarabeth Berk PhD
Author and Founder
More Than My Title

Presenter Profile: Sarabeth is a disruptor who demystifies human experiences in complex situations. Her expertise is in investigating why people do what they do, and designing incentives and systems that produce gains, not pain. She works at the intersection of design, strategy, and systems thinking.

Colleagues see her as the person who challenges limiting beliefs, tests assumptions, and drives ideas into action by building strong relationships. Her identities of artist/researcher/educator/designer enable her to translate concepts between creative and analytical spaces and make cross-disciplinary connections. 

BShe is an international speaker having given keynotes at TEDx Boulder and is best selling author of ‘More Than My Title’

As a researcher, she studies, speaks and writes about hybrid professionals -people with multiple professional identities who integrate talents together and bring unique value to employers and clients.

Presentation Title: ‘Hybridization – More Than My Title’

Outline: Until recently, hybrids have been hidden in the workforce. But today and moving forward, the secret is out.

In today’s world, professional identity is no longer just about being an expert or a generalist. Now, workers can be both. These hybrid professionals have unique talents that defy conventional labels because they work at the intersections of their multiple identities. 

Discover how hybrid professionals are revolutionizing the workforce and leading exciting, one-of-a-kind work. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades or trying to figure out what differentiates you from others, give yourself permission to become a hybrid professional and be more than your title. 

You might be a hybrid professional if:

– You are “everything.” You wear multiple hats for work.

– Nobody knows what you do. Your aunt, your mom, your best friend can’t fully describe what you do.

– You need to (re)define your professional brand. You aren’t sure what to call yourself.

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