Willemijn Prins
Senior Principle

Presenter Profile: Willemijn is a seasoned product & design leader with a firm background in both design thinking and agile product development. She has a passion for creating surprising (digital) experiences. She is sincerely involved, chooses position and inspires ambition. All the while she manages to stay pragmatic and do things in a no-nonsense way. In her career Willemijn worked at renowned Dutch digital agencies as well as inhouse teams in the financial, educational and leisure sector in the Netherlands. She will be speaking with Folkert de Jong. 

Presentation Title: DesignOps for service providers, where different design operating models meet.

Outline: How to build a strong, distributed design practice in an everchanging world? We are building a design practice within the context of an IT service provider. The DesignOps framework as well as most practical experience that can be found online are focused on ‘in house design teams’. These design teams work on projects and initiatives that contribute to internal organization goals and within one organization’s operating model. The designers in our practice work for various clients while also contributing to Ordina’s goals. Being a design partner to our clients we juggle their contexts and expectations as well as our own companies’ within our practice. And to make thing more complex these contexts are not static as society, technology and organisations keep developing. In our presentation we would like to share our insights and exchange ideas with other design leaders in similar contexts. As well as in house design leaders of course to learn how we can support them even more.

Company Website: https://www.ordina.nl