Jona Moore
Global Vice President of Technology

Presenter Profile: As Global Vice President of Technology at frog, Jona Moore leads the firm’s worldwide team responsible for designing and delivering technology-based solutions that focus on impactful, innovative customer experiences. Based in Austin, Jon has led many multi-channel programs for both public-sector and Fortune 500 clients, such as Microsoft, Marriott, USAA, Johnson & Johnson and HSBC. During her nearly 20-year career, she has won numerous awards for her work, including a Kennedy Award in Innovation and a Governor’s Award for Quality and Performance. At frog, Jona and her team work with designers and clients to push the boundaries of possibility leveraging cutting-edge, emerging technologies to orchestrate the best possible solutions. This includes experiences powered by AR//VR, blockchain, mobile, API, web, passive interfaces such as voice, machine learning, e-commerce, CMS and many more.

Frog Design is a pioneer in design thinking and design operations. Since its early days ushering in the era of personal computing, Frog Design’s rallying cry has been ‘form follows emotion’ as typified by their work for Apple in the 1980s. Founder Hermut Esslinger’s product designs and semantics caught the eye of Steve Jobs an a multimillion-dollar deal was struck. In 1984, frog’s design system and language for Apple, first embodied by the Apple IIc system, launched with great fanfare and commercial success. The design was recognized by Time Magazine as the “Design of the Year” and inducted into the permanent collection at the Whitney Museum of Art.

Today Frog Design’s work goes beyond individual forms—they design systems of brand, product, and service—but their focus on emotion remains. Frog Design strive to create the world as it should be, and their work results in experiences people love.

Presentation Title: Using Ops to Scale and Drive Customer Experience Design

Outline: We are seeing the rise of ResearchOps, DesignOps, DevOps, Product Ops in digital transformation initiatives. We know that companies who focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences drive great business results. What are we seeing as the future of Ops in Customer Experience? Jona will discuss how an effective ops strategy can help companies deliver and scale customer experience in their organizations.

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