Neil Sharp
Head of Design Operations

Presenter Profile: Neil is a design leader with more than 25 years experience. Working across a range of contexts. He specialises in delivering design and growing design capabilities in organisations where it hasn’t traditionally existed. He currently works as the Head of DesignOps within the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) team at Capgemini. For the last two years, Neil’s focus has been on scaling the design and research capability. Having grown the team by more than 300%, recruiting a mix of Service Designers, User Researchers, Experience Designers, and Content Designers. He also leads the use of junior talent within the design space via Graduate and Apprentice career paths. Neil’s client delivery involves working within the public sector – UK Government – and private sectors in a range of large enterprises and technical domains. He works to make strategy deliverable and delivery strategic. Contributing to the complete lifecycle of work for the organisation’s clients.

Presentation Title: ‘Can The Metaverse Scale?’

Outline: In this talk, Neil will look at three key themes around the Metaverse in the enterprise. How do organisations best respond to the opportunities it provides if there is no agreed clear understanding of its purpose or benefit. Premise: Neil will explore if the design community already have the skills to solve for ‘new frontiers’ and the lessons learnt from other shifts in our industry. Main themes: • What is a problem – solving real problems or competitive advantage • Business & Technology – are organisations ready • Design – how do we educate teams to solve for ambiguity

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