Brenna Hartich
Director of Design Operations

Presenter Profile: Brennan Hartich is the Director of Design Operations at Slack, driving design team goals and transformation, managing the design process, and making sure the team holds a high bar for design quality and execution. Before working at Slack, Brennan started the DesignOps team at Intuit growing the function from a team of one to a team of more than twenty. Brennan has also worked as a Design Program Manager at Facebook and before working in the DesignOps world, Brennan worked at several agencies in producer type roles.

Presentation Title: ‘Navigating Change & Fostering Excellence’

Outline: How did we as leaders at Slack navigate change through generation-defining events whilst fostering a world class design team? 

Join me as I share out the framework our design team used for a healthy team shift and the formula behind our team’s operational success –  including setting up an L&D program from scratch, creating a strong team identity, increasing our external brand awareness, creating a robust hiring and staffing plan, and much more. 

Afterward, you’ll walk away with key frameworks to unlock your design team’s health, team performance, and product experience.

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