Matt Beaney
Service Transition Lead

Profile: An expert in Continuous Improvement, Matt has spent over a decade driving Auto Traders change and release processes forward, enabling safe & speedy delivery of new functionality to Auto Traders customers using ops processes.

Matt has enabled the business to accelerate from ~500 releases per year at a success rate of ~85%, to 15,000 releases per year at 99.7%.

Title: Transformation – from Print to Digital; from Waterfall  to Agile & Devops

Outline: Auto trader are the UK and Ireland’s largest digital automotive marketplace. With over 10 million transactions each year and they are driving change in how consumers are shopping for cars online. Auto Trader, aim to drive further efficiencies in the market, benefitting consumers, retailers and manufacturers.

During the last 10 years, AutoTrader has transitioned from print to digital, from waterfall development to agile/devops and from physical infrastructure to public cloud (via virtualisation and private cloud).

Matt’s talk will be an overview of these transitions and how he has applied ops and continuous improvement to shape the release process to fit the changing needs of the business.