The 4th Annual
DesignOps Global Conference

June, 2022

'Design for the Circular Economy'

The DesignOps Conference is the pre-eminent research and design operations conference, defining and leading the agenda on the most important issues concerning our communities of practice in user research, UX, UI and service design as well as innovation. 

6 keynote speakers, 24 speakers and 6 panel discussions. 

Enjoy live captioned video streaming with transcripts of presentations and accompanying slideware.

Access all content for 12 months in our video and content archive, that way you will not miss a thing!

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A truly content driven event with content that is at the cutting edge of research, design, content and innovation operations

A truly inclusive, accessible and global network event with over 4000 members on Linkedin.

Our programme features the world’s leading research and design operations practitioners from the world’s leading companies. 

Supported by sponsors from the world’s leading tools that we all use each day.

Inspired and cutting edge presentations, panel discussions and keynote speakers that are shaping new and emergent practices.

We ensure you are connected to your diverse communities while building bridges to new ones.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Design for the circular economy’

The DesignOps Global Conference is for UX researchers, experience designers, interface designers, product owners, service innovators, software developers and business leaders that are defining the way we research, design, and deliver new products and services using operations at scale. 

The conference will be in its 4th year and has established itself as the preeminent global conference for professionals leading and scaling research, design, development and innovation using ‘operations principles’ in the digital product-service continuum.

DAY 1 - ResearchOps: Research in the circular economy


How does Research Operations support organisations shift to participate in the circular economy?

What type of practices and processes do we need to adopt to support research?

How do we scale research operations to support transformation processes?

How do we close the loop between Strategy, Research, Design and Development to ensure we design right?

How can designer ensure we create products and services that are fit for the new circular economy? 

How can design operations support the way people in organisations and enterprises work together to deliver new products, services, experiences and outcomes that are zero impact 

What new practices and tools do we need to use to scale circular design?

How do organisations adopt circular design operations to scale circular design practices and embed circular design? 

How do Ops support better internal work flows, facilitate agile ways of working, increase adaptability and streamline processes while making people accountable?

What role will automation and AI play in the designing circular solutions 

DAY 2 DesignOps: Designing Circular Experiences

DAY 3 - June 10: Designing Circular & Sustainable Services

How do we deliver digital transformation for the circular economy? 

How do we use innovation operations to adapt and build circular services?

What are the methods, processes, mechanics, roles and new competencies we need to learn, understand and adopt to ensure teams can scale innovation within different types of organisations?

How do Innovation operations support  to deliver better brand, experience and service equity in the  economy.


We are thrilled to announce our call for speakers for the 4th DesignOps Global Conference in June, 2022 

Please submit your outline using the button and form


 In the past we have brought together a diverse roster of thought and practice leaders that are shaping research, product and service design, content development, marketing, innovation and creative operations! Here are just a few from 2019, 2020 and 2021

Kelly Ann McKercher - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Keynote Speaker
Kelly Ann McKercher

Author of
'Beyond Sticky Notes'

Button to profile of Kassie Chaney - Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker
Kassie Chaney

Director of User Research and Inclusive Research Practice

Keynote Speaker
Adrienne Allnutt

Director of Design & Research Operations LINKEDIN

Keynote Speaker
Mark Tippin

Director, Strategic Next Practices

Image of Dylan Field and link to his profile page

Fireside Chat
Dylan Field

Founder and CEO

Image and button linking to Sarabeth Berk PhD profile page

Keynote Speaker
Sarabeth Berk PhD

Author and Founder
'More Than My Title'

Image of Tony Betrameli - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Tony Betrameli

CEO & Founder

Dave Malouf

Author and Design Leader

Button linking to the profile of Catharine McNally - Speaker at the DesignOps Conference 2021

Catharine McNally

Accessibility Lead

Doug Powell

VP of Design

Image and button of Jeff Neely Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Jeff Neely

Executive Director

Emma Boulton

Director of User Research
Babylon Health

Brennan Hartich - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Brennan Hartich

Director of DesignOps SLACK

Button - select to go to the profile of Berk Cebi

Keynote Fireside Chat
Berk Cebi

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Image of Ben Reason Keynote Speaker at the DesignOps Global Global Conference

Keynote Speaker
Ben Reason

Author and Founder

Erica Rider - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Erica Rider

UX design lead for developer tools- Design System

Image and Button linking to Mark Troester Speaker's speaker profile at the DesignOps Global Conference

Mark Troester

Vice President of Strategy at

Oli Shaw

Global Director
BCG Design Studios

TJ Harrop - Speaker

TJ Harrop

Product Manager - Design Systems

Peter Fossick

Peter Fossick


Jose Coronado

Head of Design Operations

Picture of Russell Effio - Speaker at the DesignOps Conference 20201

Russel Effio

Design Director at

Andreas Markdalen - Speaker at the DesignOps Conference 2021

Andreas Markdalen

Executive Director at

Button and picture of Emma Pinkerton - links to profile page

Emma Pinkerton

Head of Design at

Marcus Kirsch


Jon Reidy

Head of Design

In the past the conference has hosted speakers that have led research, design and innovation at Apple, Google, Airbnb, HSBC, GOV.UK, IBM, RedHat, Figma, Mural, Invision, Slack, Nordea, Citi, JPMorgan, and many more leading companies. We have had the pleasure to give a platform to the following Speakers: Doug Powell – VP of Design at IBM, Dave Malouf – DesignOps Leader, Emma Boulton – Director of Research at Babylon Health, Sarah Drummond – CEO at Snook, Jon Reidy – Head of Design System Operations at HSBC, Mateusz Horak – Head of DesignOps at Nordea, Zoe Seaman- Head of Design Operations at Capital One, Lona S. Moore – Design Community Lead at Exxon Mobil, Bassel Deeb – DesignOps Manager at ClearScore, Patrizia Bertini – International DesignOps Lead at Intuit, Eden Lazaness Head of Design & Innovation at Kings College London and many more.


We have a number workshops in place please book a workshop using the button below. Workshop are typically 2 hours and will be both collaborative and instructional! 

 Our Conference Passes include access to all workshops based on a first come first served basis! Learn from the world’s leading experts about #DesignOps, #ResearchOps,  #InnovationOps #EnterpriseOps, #CreativeOps #DevOps, #Service Design, #Design Systems #CX and much more! 


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Our past sponsors include

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 In the past we have brought together a diverse roster of thought and practice leaders that are shaping research, product and service design, content development, marketing, innovation and creative operations!

The DesignOps Global Conference is for design leaders, researchers, developers, practitioners, product managers, service innovators and business leaders that are defining the way we design and develop new products and services.

#DesignOps #StudioOps #ResearchOps #InnovationOps #UX #UI #CX #ServiceDesign #VisualDesign #DesignSystems #DevOps #Agile #Transformation #Leadership

Here’s some sample videos of highlights of  1st International DesignOps Global Conference in 2019 and from the 2nd International DesignOps Global Conference in 2020.

An Online Streamed Event

The DesignOps Global Conference is an online video conference  streamed into your home or office due to the ongoing travel restrictions. We are committed to keeping our delegates and speakers safe.  


Conference days run from 13:00 Hrs GMT – 20:20 Hrs (British Summer Time) on June 8 + 9 + 10 + 11,  2021

Please note times may change and we reserve the right to make changes without notice.