Accessibility and Inclusivity
'Design For All'

The DesignOps Global Conference is for experience designers, interface designers, user researchers, product owners, service innovators, software developers and business leaders that are defining the way we research, design, and deliver new products and services using operations at scale. 

The conference is now in its 3rd year and has established itself as the preeminent global conference for professionals leading and scaling research, design, development and innovation operations in the digital product-service continuum.

Early Bird Passes are available now. Save 25% off the full price of a 4 Day VIP Conference pass. Enjoy a group discount of 3 passes for the price of 2. 

  • 3 days of virtual conferencing and networking.

  • Enjoy 6 keynotes, 30 speakers, 6 fireside chats and 6 panel discussions.

  • A whole day of workshops.

  • Round table sessions in Zoom Breakout Rooms.

  • Chat and messaging between attendees.

  • Interact with polls and surveys.

  • Access live video streaming and then unlimited access the video archive within minutes to enjoy video at your pace with captioning.

DesignOps - Delivering Accessible Digital Experience

How can design ensure we design accessible products and services? 

How can design operations support the way people in organisations and enterprises work together to deliver better products, services, experiences and outcomes that are inclusive using data informed approaches in a ‘dataful’ world. Data-informed decision making in the product-service continuum means team uses data to inform and direct their velocity. What role does design intuition and qualitative feedback play? 

How do organisations adopt design operations to scale practices and embed design? How does Ops support better internal work flows, facilitate agile ways of working, increase adaptability and streamline processes while making people accountable? 

How do we develop and manage natural user interfaces, design systems and content at scale?

What role will automation and AI play in the near future?

ResearchOps as an emergent set of operations is helping organisations establish data informed strategies while using insights and knowledge to drive decision-making in knowledge centric cultures. Research operations is helping teams scale and deliver truly accessible content, interfaces and services in ways that are appropriate for people.

How does Research Operations support accessibility and inclusivity? How do we test to ensure compliance with international standards and WCAG 2.1 Level AA and AAA are met?  How do we use insights and socialise data to ensure its usable and actionable? Are we in danger off creating silos in through specialist communities of practice? What are the benefits of generalists versus specialists in teams? 

What type of practices and processes do we need to adopt to support research?  How do we close the loop between Strategy, Research, Design and Development to ensure we design for all?

ResearchOps – Researching For Inclusivity

InnovationOps - Change For All

How do we deliver digital transformation within different types of organisations within the private and public sector? 

How do we use innovation operations to adapt and build resilience? How can we bring everyone along for the ride and support organisation transition and transform in a world of uncertainty?

What are the methods, processes, mechanics, roles and new competencies we need to learn, understand and adopt to ensure teams are can scale innovation within different types of organisations. 

How does Innovation operations support creativity to deliver better brand, experience and service equity? 

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Accessibility and Inclusivity – Design For All’. Within this theme we have several sub-themes and topical issues.

Day 1 | Tuesday, June 8, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 1 – Theme: Research Operations – Researching To Ensure Inclusivity

Day 2 | Wednesday , June 9, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 2: – Theme: Design Operations  – Delivering Accessible Digital Experiences  

Day 3 | Thursday, June 10, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 3: Theme – Innovation Operations – Digital Transformation and Innovation

 Day 4 | Friday, June 11, 2021 – From 14:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs GMT

Session 4: Online learning and workshops 

Learn more about our themes and programme here 


We are thrilled to announce our speakers for 2021 

We have brought together a diverse roster of thought and practice leaders that are shaping the research, design, content, innovation and creative operations!

Image of Ben Reason Keynote Speaker at the DesignOps Global Global Conference

Keynote Speaker
Ben Reason

Author and Founder at
'Operationalising Service Design'

Keynote Speaker
Adrienne Allnutt

Director of Design & Research Operations
'Setting the foundations for an Inclusive Research Practice '

Image and button linking to Sarabeth Berk PhD profile page

Keynote Speaker
Sarabeth Berk PhD

Author and Founder

'More Than My Title'

Image of Marzia Aricò - use this button to access her profile.

Keynote Speaker
Marzia Aricò

Director at
'Operationalising Service Design'

Kelly Ann McKercher - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Keynote Speaker
Kelly Ann McKercher

Author of
'Beyond Sticky Notes' Designer at
NSW Health Pathology
'‘Who cares in co-design?’ '

This is a button that links to Sarah Winters Profile - Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker
Sarah Winters

'Content Operations – Building accessible content design into your process '

Button and Image of Lilia Royanova

Lilia Royanova

Senior UX Program Manager at
'Scaling DesignOps, Scaling Accessibility'

Image of Rethabile Konopo - Speaker

Rethabile Konopo

Consultant, Author & Founder
'Legal Design Systems'

Button to Irena Seng Profile

Irina Seng

'Vectorly - PeopleOps Tool'

Button linking to the profile of Catharine McNally - Speaker at the DesignOps Conference 2021

Catharine McNally

Accessibility Lead
'Accessibility for the 50% and 1 in 10'

Erica Rider - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Erica Rider

UX design lead for developer tools- Design System
'DesignOps 2.0 at Paypal'

Image and Button linking to Mark Troester Speaker's speaker profile at the DesignOps Global Conference

Mark Troester

Vice President of Strategy at
'Bridging DesignOps and DevOps'

This is a button that links to Akshata Malhotra's profile

Akshata Malhotra

UX Designer and Researcher
Peterson Center ON HEALTHCARE
'Design, Research and Strategy for Social Impact'

Camilla Damgaard-Sørensen

Digital Product Design Specialist at
Novo Nordisk
'Inclusive Design Systems at Scale'

Ankita Arvind - Speaker at the DesignOps Conference 2021

Ankita Arvind

Senior Interaction Designer at
'Inclusive design - Technology as an enabler'

Brennan Hartich - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Brennan Hartich

Director of DesignOps at
'Leading teams through generation-defining change'

Button and picture of Emma Pinkerton - links to profile page

Emma Pinkerton

Head of Design at
'Customer Experience and Design Operations'

Icon Image of Emma Carter and button linking to her profile page.

Emma Carter

Author and UX Design Lead at
'The Brand Is The Experience'

TJ Harrop - Speaker

TJ Harrop

Product Manager - Design Systems
'DesignOps 2.0 - Human-centred individuals, teams, and organisations'

Button and image of Claire Kwon Icon

Claire Kwon

Director of Product Design
'Building Teams & Inclusivity'

Mariel Maciá I

Mariel Maciá

Lead Service Designer
'The power of design leadership and diversity to drive innovation'

Button to access Frans Joziasse's speaker profile

Frans Joziasse

Founder at
'The 10 success factors of innovation at large organisations, using the principles of Design Thinking'

Picture of Russell Effio - Speaker at the DesignOps Conference 20201

Russel Effio

Design Director at
'How to grow an orange - Design systems at scale'

Andreas Markdalen - Speaker at the DesignOps Conference 2021

Andreas Markdalen

Executive Director at
'How to grow an orange - Design systems at scale'

Image and Button of Chang Ying Zhang - links to her profile

ChangYing (Z) Zheng

DesignOps Manager
'Changing Roles - From Product Lead to DesginOps Lead

Ben Landrum - Speakers

Ben Landrum

Design Director & Principal
'Covert DesignOps'

Image and button of Jeff Neely Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Jeff Neeley

Executive Director
'Covert DesignOps'

Image and Button of Steve Cook, Speaker

Steve Cook

Head of Experience Design
'Building brands and design systems'

Peter Fossick

Peter Fossick

Senior Principal Consultant
'The InnovationOps Playbook and Toolkit'

Séamus Byrne - Speaker

Séamus Byrne

Co-Founder & Director of Research
'The Team Alignment Canvas' '

Image and Button links to Aaron Martlage profile

Aaron Martlage

Design Principal
'Design Systems & A New Figma Plugin '

Image and Button of Mark Warwick - Elect to link to his profile Page

Mark Warrick

Chief Designer Officer at
'DesignOps Branding'

In the past the conference has hosted speakers that have led research, design and innovation at Apple, Google, Airbnb, HSBC, GOV.UK, IBM, RedHat, Figma, Mural, Invision, Slack, Nordea, Citi, JPMorgan, and many more leading companies. We have had the pleasure to give a platform to the following Speakers: Doug Powell – VP of Design at IBM, Dave Malouf – DesignOps Leader, Emma Boulton – Director of Research at Babylon Health, Sarah Drummond – CEO at Snook, Jon Reidy – Head of Design System Operations at HSBC, Mateusz Horak – Head of DesignOps at Nordea, Zoe Seaman- Head of Design Operations at Capital One, Lona S. Moore – Design Community Lead at Exxon Mobil, Bassel Deeb – DesignOps Manager at ClearScore, Patrizia Bertini – International DesignOps Lead at Intuit, Eden Lazaness Head of Design & Innovation at Kings College London and many more.

We have now filled the speaker roster. If you would like to conduct a workshop please use the button below and complete the form. The theme for this year is ‘Accessibility and Inclusivity – Design For All’


We already have a number workshops and more will be added in he coming weeks and months. Please check back for updates.

Workshop are typically 2 hours and will be both collaborative and instructional! If you would like to run a workshop please submit an outline using the button below and complete the form.

 Our 3 Day Conference Passes include access to all workshops based on a first come first served basis! Learn from the world’s leading experts about #DesignOps, #ResearchOps,  #InnovationOps #EnterpriseOps, #CreativeOps #DevOps, #Service Design, #Design Systems #CX and much more! 

Button linked to Chongkal Seng Speaker Profile

ChongKal Seng

Co-Founder at
'PeopleOps for DesignOps'

Erica Rider - Speaker at the DesignOps Global Conference

Erica Rider

UX design lead for developer tools- Design System
'DesignOps 2.0 at Paypal'

Robin Wong

Principal Designer
'The Opportunity Backlog Framework'

Dr. Karl Jeffries

'Creativity Resilience for Tech Professionals'

Button to the profile of Steven Wakabayashi - Workshop Facilitator

Steven Wakabayashi

'Establishing Inclusivity & Diversity in Teams'

Picture and Button link to the profile of Mo ling Chui and Phillippa Rose Workshop facilitators at the DesignOps Global Conference 2021

Mo-Ling Chui & Phillippa Rose

'Co-creating Services'

Peter Fossick

Peter Fossick

Author & Founder
'The InnovationOps Playbook & Toolkit'


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The DesignOps Global Conference is for design leaders, researchers, developers, practitioners, product managers, service innovators and business leaders that are defining the way we design and develop new products and services.

#DesignOps #StudioOps #ResearchOps #InnovationOps #UX #UI #CX #ServiceDesign #VisualDesign #DesignSystems #DevOps #Agile #Transformation #Leadership

Here’s some sample videos of highlights of  1st International DesignOps Global Conference in 2019, a presentation by one of our keynotes, Jon Reidy – Head of Design System Operations at HSBC, and a panel discussion featuring some of our speakers from the 2nd International DesignOps Global Conference in 2020.

An Online Streamed Event

The DesignOps Global Conference will be an online video steamed conference due to the ongoing travel restrictions. We are committed to keeping our delegates and speakers safe.  


Conference days run from 14:00 Hrs GMT – 20:00 Hrs GMT (British Summer Time)
June 8 + 9 + 10 + 11,  2021

Please note times may change and we reserve the right to make changes without notice.