Maryann Slama
Research Operations Lead

Presenter Profile: Maryann Slama: Maryann leads research operations for an organization of 35+ researchers focused on high-security technological infrastructure. She focuses on enabling researchers to uncover valid insights that positively impact users and the business by building research systems and standardizing research practices. She has a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology and is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Title: Research Operations Ecosystem Mapping in a world of emerging technologies


Outline: In this talk, Andrea and Maryann will introduce a process for documenting and planning Research Operations that supports the design of emerging information technologies. We will leverage existing Research Operations frameworks while considering the unique needs of working in the context of emerging information technologies, including the challenges of navigating new technological and legal landscapes, and effective multidisciplinary collaboration and coordination with cross-functional partners. We will share knowledge and learnings from our experience implementing this framework for an organization with products spanning hardware, firmware, and software for AI and Hybrid Cloud. This flexible and lightweight mapping exercise will provide the opportunity to practice applying established questions to document the as-is state of a Research Operations ecosystem in the context of emerging technologies. Participants will walk away with an artifact that will help them understand for themselves and communicate to partners what Research Ops is, how multidisciplinary stakeholders are interconnected, and the status of Research Operations efforts.  While the focus of the workshop will be on emerging technologies, the process is also useful for Research Operations leaders working with established technologies.

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