Chongkal Seng 

Presenter Profile: Chongkal is the co-founder at Vectorly – all-in-one workspace to manage team growth. He started his career as a freelance product designer and front-end developer and subsequently led a team of 25 designers/developers as a CEO of Picasel Agency. He is an evangelist of Agile people operations for design and engineering teams that is built around alignment, dynamic careers and people enablement. 

Presentation Title: ‘PeopleOps for DesignOps’

Outline: Chongkal’s keynote outlines: Chongkal will host a workshop ‘PeopleOps for DesignOps’, where he shows best practices and practical instruments to manage design teams at different growth stages. Also Chongkal’s workflow includes demonstration of Vectorly – all-in-one tool for managing design teams growth, where you can streamline people operations for you design teams managing skills for teams and projects, launching performance and skill reviews, Configuring 1:1s, Creating personal development plans and Design OKRs, Integrating with Figma, Jira and Asana to build quality growth feedback. 

Company Website: Https://