Jennifer Robinson-Bird
Senior Consultant
Laura Sowman
Project Manager


Presenter Profile:   Jennifer Robinson-Bird specialises in research ops and qualitative research, Jen gathers rich customer insight to provide informed and inclusive design recommendations for some of the UK’s largest financial players.

Laura manages project work across our biggest accounts, and is the acting head of internal D&I conversations and initiatives. 

Presentation Title: Operationalising inclusive research: You can’t boil the ocean

Outline: Inclusion is huge – but there’s no silver bullet, no one thing that will fix everything, if anything it will become overwhelming and hard to manage. In this talk we discuss small steps we think anyone can take, regardless of whether you do a little bit of research or a lot. We’ll outline tips and tricks around participant recruitment, moderation, company culture and hiring to set you off in the right direction as you begin to operationalise inclusive research.

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