Stephen Labanyi
Design Director 
Accenture | The Dock

 Presenter Profile: Stephen is a Design Director with Fjord, Accenture, with 15 years experience in systems thinking and service design. He specialises in agile systems design, strategy and experimentation. He is experienced in navigating complex client challenges, framing compelling narratives and shaping interventions to move quickly from strategy to action. Most recently, Stephen has focused on shaping opportunities and defining value levers to maximise the impact of design and increase pull through. He is passionate about creating meaningful change within health, life sciences and sustainability sectors. Stephen leads a diverse team of over 20 designers at The Dock and is also Design for Health Community of Practice Lead for Europe.

Presentation Title: ReefCloud – Designing for Integrated Coral Reef Management 

Outline: The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is collaborating with Accenture to accelerate global efforts to protect coral reefs. Over half of the world’s corals are severely damaged. The consequences of losing coral reefs are catastrophic. More than half a billion people globally depend on them for food, income and protection. Despite occupying 1% of the world’s ocean floors, coral reefs are home to 25% of marine life. According to the WWF, coral reefs would unlock net benefit streams of $30bn per year, if managed sustainably. But conservationists face an urgent challenge: coral reefs are degrading faster than we can track, restricting ability to inform decision-making. To save the reefs, we need fast, collective action. We brought a systems design approach to understand why coral reefs are failing and to design interventions that rebalance the marine ecosystem. ReefCloud is a collaborative, open-source web-based tool, that integrates international coral reef monitoring efforts to inform conservation strategies. ReefCloud builds on automated data management, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis to standardise and secure coral reef monitoring data and enhance change detection. It empowers scientists to manage, archive, and share data, fast-track recording of reef condition, foster collaboration and inform conservation efforts and policy-making.

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