Séamus Byrne
Co-Founder & Director of UX
Graphic Mint

Presenter Profile:  Séamus Byrne is the Director of UX with over 20 years designing products and services for enterprise customers. He is based in Dublin, Ireland where he co-founded Graphic Mint where he has directed UX and UI projects. Graphic Mint is an award-winning agency that has been working with a range of clients for the 12 years.  Séamus consults with enterprise business teams to hone their vision and product strategy before directing research and design teams to create and deliver meaningful and useful products.

Presentation Title: The Team Alignment Canvas 

Outline: External agencies augment internal enterprise teams by providing fresh perspectives and adding energy. However, often the agency’s capability is not being utilised to its full potential due to poor engagement strategy. In this talk, I highlight the biggest obstacles to team integration and how to choreograph teams in 4 steps by using my “Team Alignment Canvas”. This canvas is useful tool to align in product, business, development and design teams at the outset of a collaborative  .

 Workshop Outline: The Team Alignment Canvas 

Inclusivity must start from the inside of the organisation and work its way outwards towards the customer. However, “intra-team” incongruence and inequalities behind the scenes inhibit creativity, stifle innovation and exclude input from valuable team members.

In this workshop, Séamus will dive into the obstacles to team integration facing the workshop participants experience in their organisations. He will then leverage his “Team Alignment Canvas” to practical and tactical team choreography plans that prevent engagement issues and empower teams to work better together. 

The Team Alignment Canvas is a tool to help individuals or teams get on the same page about the nature of the engagement at the outset of a project. Séamus created this canvas based on lessons learned from 12 years of leading teams through many collaborations on software products.

Key Takeaways

Learn the elements and routines needed to choreograph business, product and technology teams 

Identify and solve the key issues that prevent your team from collaborating to their full potential

Apply “Alignment Thinking” at any level of your organisation

Develop a plan to align communication, productivity, and understanding between different teams

Who should attend?

This workshop is suited for mid to senior-level managers, designers, developers and product owners looking to improve their team’s collaboration and performance.  

Company Website: https://graphicmint.com