Karl Randay
Head of Design

Presenter Profile: Karl is a specialist in Human Centred Design and Creative Strategy, with over 20 years of experience in interaction design, design psychology, creative direction and typography. His role is in creating engaging, user-centred experiences through strategic planning & creative thinking across a broad range of different areas from service and product design to digital applications, print & physical installations. Karl has led design projects for a diverse variety of global clients, most notably Eversheds Sutherland, VW, Nuffield Health, Vivienne Westwood, MG , JLR, GM Motors, Chrysler, BBC, Channel 4, Club Med, Bandai Namco, The AA and Hilton. With over 20 years experience and a deep understanding of designing for human behaviour, Karl is incredibly passionate about crafting authentic experiences, services and products that make a genuine difference for real people.

Presentation Title: Lean Design Ops for small studios, or how we hacked together an organic approach to managing Design

Outline: How we structured ourselves as a small team to enable our vision, process and ceremonies – Where DesignOps fits in and enables a voice for everyone – Career progression, becoming the right t-shape (challenging the myth) and motivating personal progress – Sharing goals, productising effort and overlapping with other teams to be best in class

Company Website:  https://383project.com/about/