Adrienne Allnutt
Director of Design & Research Operations and Executive Presentations

Presenter Profile: Adrienne leads the evolving Operations team within the LinkedIn Design organization, crafting experiences for 275+ user researchers, content designers, product designers, and communications designers to deliver quality and value at scale. Over the last 7 years, she has grown the operations team from 1 to 20 program managers and specialists who focus on operations, program management, strategic projects, and design community and growth. Adrienne thrives on connecting people and ideas, organizational strategy, and creating systems to get all the things done – all with a side of fun and humor. She’s held previous roles in product management and email marketing, and has an education in Economics and Mathematics.

Presentation Title: Setting the foundations for an Inclusive Research Practice

Outline: Discover what role Research Operations plays in building equitable and inclusive products at LinkedIn. In this talk, Adrienne will share how LinkedIn is creating tools, training, and frameworks to ensure the user research practice includes historically misrepresented and marginalized professionals. She’ll walk through examples of how Research Operations can educate, advocate, and uphold standards and regulations with internal teams throughout the design process. Through her story, we’ll learn about how the Design & Research Operations team is evolving to meet the needs and expectations of our users. We are just scratching the surface of how operations can play a small part in creating equitable outcomes for every member of the global workforce.

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