Pete Fossick
VP of Design

Profile: Pete Fossick is a seasoned design leader and pioneer of service design. He is the former Service Design Program Director at IBM, a former Director of Strategic Design at Boston Consulting Group, Digital Ventures and has been a Senior Director at PublicisSapient. As a design operations leader he specialises in building UX research and design capabilities at scale.

In the early 1990s Pete was a pioneer and evangelist of Design Thinking while working in the UK, Silicon Valley, and Hong Kong.  Having started his career in Web 1.0 helping companies deliver value to customers on the internet, Pete spent the Web 2.0 era applying design thinking to business strategy and innovating in the product-service continuum. Now he is working in Web 3.0 using human-centred design and design thinking to create immersive and augmented experiences in the Metaverse.

He has worked all over the world with leading agencies in London, the USA, Europe and the UAE while working with Fortune 500 companies and government services to transform their capabilities, create new business models, develop new value propositions and develop new products and services. 

Pete wears many different hats; he is the founder Factotum, a digital design agency, the founder of the IXSD Academy, the founder of the DesignOps Network and more recently the co-founder of AIM, a service that uses AI to generate NFTs for the Metaverse.  

As an academic Pete is a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, he set-up the first ever BFA and MFA in Service Design in the USA in 2008 and was the course leader for the MDes in Design, Innovation and Management at Middlesex University. Pete started as an academic as a full time lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. He has also been the Director for the Centre for Collaboration at SCAD and a course leader at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. He founded the IXSD Academy in 2018 to help organisations apply design thinking and operationalise design and innovation practices. 

Presentation Title: ‘Connecting ecosystems using service patterns in the Metaverse’

Outline: The Metaverse is still just an idea. What is the idea and what are the basic building blocks for it? The Metaverse will be the outcome of the convergence of a range of nascent and extant digital and online technologies in a universal connected virtual reality ecosystem. 

Being able to access and use the Metaverse requires us to apply service design thinking and the use service patterns if it is to scale. 

Service patterns are reusable building blocks of components consisting of processes, component libraries and data sets. A service pattern can be a step in a service journey that is repeated across different journeys to fulfil a goal and deliver an outcome. 

Service patterns use atomic principles based on parent-child relationships with reusable blocks that deliver efficiency in design and development that intern supports velocity. 

This presentation will explore service patterns as a concept, where they are used and how they are needed to design for the metaverse.


Facilitated by: Peter Fossick 

Sponsored by: IXSD Academy

Title:  Designing new and novel services using capability mapping’ 

Workshop 1 Outline:  Capability mapping provides a framework for capturing key characteristics of an organisations’ core functions and operations. It can be used to assess business processes, define IT enablers, and align investments with strategic priorities to deliver new and novel services. 

The ‘capability map’ of the organisation documents all the capabilities and their relationships that are part of the business operating model across the value chain. 

In this workshop you will learn:

To define the service components and capabilities to support operations. 

Outline business capabilities needed in the organization in order to perform core functions to deliver optimal customer experiences 

How to identify fast wins, strategic needs, dependencies and prioritize  investment in people, operations, processes and IT systems and enablers.

To build delivery roadmaps based on prioritised capabilities and identify deltas.

Who this is for?

This workshop is for senior stakeholders, Product Owners, Delivery Leads, Service Designers, Product Designers and Solution Architects.

Workshop 2 Title: ‘Defining Research and Design Operations using the 8 Operations Canvases’

Workshop 2 Outline: The need to define research and design operations at scale for organisations has become an imperative as they scale and transform their design capabilities. 

The need to scale research and design while enabling non-designers to co-create and unlock creativity in an organisation has precipitated the emergence of operations as a way of systemising the mechanics of research and design. 

Operations enables organisation to scale communities of practice, adopt processes, define the roles and map skills that an organisation need to scale and mature its design capabilities.

Who this is for?

This workshop is for Design Managers, Studio Heads, Heads of Design, Heads of Research Operations, Heads of Design Operations, Senior Stakeholders, VPs of Design and Chiefs of Design, 

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