Patrizia Bertini
International DesignOps Lead

Speaker Profile: Currently International DesignOps Lead at Intuit in London, Patrizia has developed her approach to design and DesignOps through 20 years of international experience in usability, accessibility, web design, design management and user research. With a background in academic and industrial research leading distributed and international teams, Patrizia has been known for her pioneering work in web accessibility, design facilitation, and co-creation.

Presentation Title: Applying ResearchOps and DesignOps in globally distributed teams. 

Outline: How can we organise and manage globally distributed teams, harmonise design and research processes and tools, increase spending efficiencies, boost teams’ productivity, decrease research and design lead time, and create a OneTeam mentality? How can we foster a rapid experimentation mentality, increase our data informed, customer-backed, and insight lead approach to design across 7 regions? These were few of the challenges I faced when I started my journey in DesignOps leading the designOps for 7 teams across the globe. This talk will highlight the strategic planning and execution behind the establishment of a global DesignOps practice through a case study that will describe how we identified the priorities and executed a global roadmap and how we have been promoting an insight and research focused approach to design to empower designers and to strengthen Design’s strategic role within the company.

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