Illia Pashkov
Chief Metaverse Officer
Altar Metaverse

Presenter Profile: Illia is a futurist-entrepreneur and business developer, an award-winning art andcreative director as well as a design astronaut with a big passion for innovation, sustainability, strategy and technology. He has over 15 years of experience working with a range if companies and startups, with a focus on digital and blockchain products. He is the co-Founder of Player’s Health, WISE, GhostDrive and a mentor @ Hustle Summit in New York and Chicago. His passion and expertise embraces: Innovation & Technology, Branding & Identity, Startups & New Business Development, Art & Creative Direction, Product Design, User Interface & User Experience, Blockchain & Crypto, Metaverse, AR, NFT.H

His is a public & keynote speaker at international conferences including Global Economy Forum in San Francisco, Consensus in New York, CoinAgenda in Las Vegas, World Blockchain Forum in Dubai & Miami, iBlockchain Summit in Shenzhen & Guangzhou, Satoshi United in Dubai, Blockchain Practitioner Conference in Shanghai and others

Presentation Title: Designing for the Metaverse

Outline: Coming Soon 

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