Carolina Kia Takada

Presenter Profile: Carolina Kia is a Brazilian entrepreneur, social business specialist, mindfulness instructor, partner and CEO of weme, one of the most admired design and innovation Studios in Brazil. Through Human-Centric approaches, her company helped over 200 enterprises such as 3M, Bosch, Unilever, DHL to create and launch new products and services that improve experiences and people’s lives. She is also co-founder of bud, a digital platform wich’s purpose is to turn work into an inspiring, gratifying and human journey. Carolina believes that rather than predict, all of us can create more desirable futures and positively impact the world. During her journey, she has been a member of several non-profit organisations such as Rotary International, Conscious Capitalism and Yunus&Youth, dedicating her time to reduce inequalities and build studies among social businesses. She is also a TEDx Organiser and Liaison of Singularity University’s Women’s Impact Network, actively being part of events and chapters to spread and inspire young leaders through powerful ideas. She graduated in Business Management from the University of São Paulo, Social Business from the Yunus Social Business Centre and Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor from Ísvara Institute.

Presentation Title: Employee experience empowered by metaverse

Outline:  Weme is a design and innovation studio and we have already carried out more than 800 design and innovation projects with big organizations. We have learned a lot along the way and we collected evidence that a powerful journey can transform the way solutions are built. A powerful journey starts from the inside and the employee experience not only reflects on the customer journey and user experience, but it is also part of the social role of organizations. In this outline, we talk about the #remotefirst culture of our employees and clients’ journeys during the design and innovation projects, the use of the metaverse, and other collaborative tools for empowering the teams. Also, we share our main challenges, learnings, and metrics of the journey in six macro steps: awareness, onboarding, engagement, development, recognition, and offboarding. We bring a lot of practical examples, employee experience cases, and tangible tools that can be instantly applied by the public that will be watching the talk.

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