Emma Pinkerton
Head of Design

Presenter Profile: Emma Pinkerton is Head of Design for ThoughtWorks, North America. Emma has spent the last decade building design teams within technology companies, from Fortune 500s to start ups. She recently served on the design thinking board at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Emma is from Belfast, Northern Ireland and resides in New York City with her husband and two small children.

Presentation Title: Customer Experience and Design Operations

Outline:  ‘Customer Experience’ is becoming increasingly important and at the forefront of an organisation’s priorities more than ever before. From Fortune 500s to start ups, CX is changing ways of working and the need for new roles. 

With a greater convergence between technology, product, marketing and design, we are seeing C suite roles being created that are focused on the customer experience, for example, Chief Experience Officer, and whole teams are now being organised around the need to deliver improved customer experiences. In my presentation, I will talk about what this really means for design practices and what the role of the designer is in teams and the wider organisation. I will talk about our priorities and what are the most important areas that we as designers need to be contributing to and where we need to take a lead as organisations evolve new operating models.