Thomas Weis
Chief Experience Officer


Presenter Profile: Thomas Weis is Chief Experience Officer at Bold Brains AG, driving the future of education by establishing the “Digital First” mindset and creating natural ways of digital learning. The basic idea is, and always was, to be a role-model and show the benefits of “Digital First” in real processes, not just tell how it could be done in theory. He proofed so in his former job at SAP, by establishing digital collaboration concepts globally across all lines of business and delivering a pull-product. During his career, which started in consulting, he fulfilled many different roles and gained a wide range of experience from developing, along process-design, business consulting and user experience. Having this “swiss-knife” profile is a key success factor to transform processes properly into “Digital First” mindset and make the value-add obvious. Being a pioneer in digital collaboration, designing concepts for digital workshops and having a 360 view, made him one of the early Mural ambassadors. His current team is set-up to operate fully remote on their product design and development.

Presentation Title: The Secret of efficient remote work with Mural

Outline: Creative work presents unique challenges for virtual collaboration. In a remote settings it’s hard to re-create the type of visual and open environment needed for creative processes.

To be successful and efficient you have to assume a “Digital First” mindset. This doesn’t mean simply transferring your old ways to an electronic medium: it means taking the chance to rethink your approach. 

MURAL helps you plan, run, follow up and standardise on virtual creative, collaborative processes. More importantly, the digital whiteboard fills an important gap in your digitally defined workplace: visual remote collaboration.

In this session practical experience and advice on how to make virtual collaboration work, will be shared with you.

In the end, digital collaboration isn’t just a hurdle to overcome, it’s an opportunity for organisational change and for creative thinking to spread throughout the organisation, regardless of location.

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