Emma Boulton 
Interim Head of Research

Profile: Emma Boulton is a Design / User Research Leader based near Cardiff. Now working as the Interim Director of Design Research at Babylon Health, she previously led research at Monotype and in the BBC’s Audience Research team. She was a co-founder of the boutique design studio, Mark Boulton Design and there ran User Research projects for global clients such as Al Jazeera, CERN and Global Witness. As the commissioning editor of popular indie publisher, Five Simple Steps, she was instrumental in amplifying many new voices in the industry. Since last year, she has been an admin, organiser and spokesperson for the burgeoning Research Ops community. Emma also writes and speaks and you can often find her sharing her thoughts on Twitter @emmaboulton

Presentation Title: Research Ops Principles – a North Star for Impactful Research.

Outline: We often hear that Ops is all about process, efficiency, speed and scale but does saving time and money have a real and lasting impact? What about quality? Are we doing the right work or are we scaling poor quality research? Is the work visible? Are we learning from our insights or are we repeating the same studies? Does anyone care about governance or are we skipping over the ‘boring’ work in favour of speed?

In this talk, Emma will introduce you to her Research Ops Principles. She will show you how these can help you set objectives and guide your strategy. You will learn how a well-functioning Research Ops layer, helps the work of the team stay relevant and impactful.

Company Website: https://emmaboulton.co.uk