Dr Karl Jeffries

Profile: Dr. Karl Jeffries is a leading consultant on creativity, innovation and CreativeOps. He is a mentor, coach and training professional helping people and organisations develop novel solutions and outcomes in the digital experience economy.  

Dr. Karl Jeffries helps professionals to think differently and unleash their creative problem solving potential to bring their professional expertise to the most difficult challenges of collaborating in medium and large sized organisations. Using a range of approaches and processes, he helps individuals and teams build creative muscle that they can take forward to meet future challenges.

He has spent the past 20 years helping designers and other professionals enhance their creativity and solve complex problems. As an internationally recognised researcher in the field of creativity, he has published in world-leading design and creativity journals and has actively contributed to the growth of creativity research in the UK – for example, he chaired and hosted the 2019 UK Creativity Researchers Conference. 

He created, then delivered the University of Central Lancashire’s distance learning MA Creative Thinking course for twelve years. During this time he supported professionals across a wide range sectors and has demonstrated that creative strategies can be enhanced through his approaches to executive coaching while unlocking value in an organisation. 

Workshop Title: Creativity Resilience for Tech Professionals

Outline: UX Designer, Head of Product, DesignOps Lead, however you’ve been labelled, or you’ve labelled yourself, what you really are, you are Idea Athletes! That was my main message at last year’s conference, and it has remained my consistent message across the Tech and Design Ops community since. 

The Idea Athlete mindset offers a powerful reframe on how you see yourself, what you need, and what you give. Through this year’s workshop, we will build on the Idea Athlete analogy and focuses on creativity resilience for Tech professionals. If there was ever a time to nurture creativity and resilience, then 2021 is it. It is crucial to navigating the next five years. Indeed, the challenges faced by COVID19 and the impacts this will have throughout 2021 and beyond will require significant levels of creativity and innovative thinking within UX, product and service design. 

In this workshop, we will explore practical ideas and knowledge you can use to nurture your own creativity resilience and those you support. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, the science of creativity has much to offer professional design practice in all its many forms. In this workshop, together, we’ll facilitate what this means for you, and how to apply it to your specific needs.

Website: https://drkarlkjeffries.com