Jules Mahé
Design Advocate

Presenter Profile: Jules has worked in agencies where he has set up numerous design systems for different clients. He also works in schools to guide students and teach them about current design issues. He is now a Design Advocate at zeroheight to help the design community create a better future for design.

Presentation Title: So you have a design system… what comes after?

Outline: As design systems grow, the question of “how to build a design system” will be asked less and less. What then will be the questions of tomorrow around design systems? What will the world look like when design systems are everywhere? New professions, new ways of working, learning… Let’s try to imagine it through this design fiction talk to be better equipped for the design systems needs of tomorrow. It might even be a future where it may be so obvious to systemise one’s work that design systems no longer exist.

Company Website: https://zeroheight.com