Phil Hesketh
Consent Kit

Presenter Profile: Phil has worked in UX design for over 10 years and retrained 4 some years ago to focus more on service design and user research. Around that time he became interested in ethics in the design process, and how we might apply it in practice. That led Phil to start Ethics Kit, and a year later to found Consent Kit. Since then he has been working to help Research Ops teams all over the world to embed and scale informed consent and best practice data management in their organisations.

Presentation Title: ‘Designing the participant experience for accessibility’

Outline: 1 in 5 people have accessibility needs. At some point in our lives, most of us will join them. Add to this that 45% of people aged 16-65 in the UK have a literacy rate of level 1 or below. That means they can’t compare prices for a best buy. They can’t work out a household budget. They struggle to decide whether a website is telling them the truth or not. Accessibility should be at the forefront of how we engage with our participants. But it’s complicated. Where to start? Phil shares his approaches and how he created the Consent Kit to support the process of designing researching and designing for accessibility.

Workshop Outline: Consent Kit – Designing the participant experience for accessibility

In this workshop Phil will take you through the journey he took at Consent Kit to make practical, effective changes – quickly, and with almost no budget. Whether you’re writing consent forms, managing signatures or remembering to delete data, we’ve automated all of the jobs that take up time (and headspace!) into a simple and easy to use workflow. 

Stay on top of data protection laws including ‘Right to access’, ‘Right to amend,  ‘Right to withdraw’ and ‘Right to be forgotten’

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