Don McIntyre
Design Director
The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre

Presenter Profile: I am a designer, technologist and educator with a career spanning over 25 years in product design, immersive VR, interactive entertainment, communications and service design, digital, design research and healthcare. Working at the junction of design and technology, I have been involved in the development of products and services with companies and organisations across commercial, public and applied research sectors including Virtuality, Oyster Partners (now DigitasLBi) The Fraunhofer Institute, MIT and Giugiaro. I currently divide my time between the Innovation School at Glasgow School of Art where I am Design Director, The Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre where I hold the same title and Chess where I am Creative Lead.


Presentation Title: The role of design innovation in digital health and care transformation

Outline: The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) is a partnership between the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow School of Art (GSA) that aspires to be pioneers and leaders in the field of digital health and care solutions. We play a pivotal role inspiring, enabling and combining world-leading industry and academic expertise around technology, service and design innovation to create person-centred, digital health and care solutions. The COVID-19 response saw the DHI become a fundamental part of Scotland’s approach to the pandemic: directly advising Scottish Government Ministers; undertaking rapid analysis and national/international engagement to learn from others; and directly assisting the accelerated adoption of innovation into national scale within front line services. A design driven approach allowed projects to be delivered in weeks rather than years. The GSA Design Innovation approach evolved as a core competence of the DHI, adding value and benefit at each stage within the innovation process, from creative engagement with users to derive insight and define requirements, through the development and analysis of interactive prototypes and into the delivery of products and services. The intention of the talk would be to outline how design and creative practice is a proven, differentiating capability within the DHI.

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