Roman Schöneboom
UX Design Systems Lead (VP)

Presenter Profile: Roman is currently UX Design Systems Lead (VP) at Credit Suisse AG. He is responsible for managing how high quality, digitally optimized, user-centric solutions that can be delivered at scale, across all global entities of the organization via the creation of supporting tools and services, such as design pattern libraries, playbooks, and training and coaching. He is a certified facilitator for the LEGO Serious Play method, teaches at universities, writes regularly about his work and is an avid drummer!

Presentation Title: Lego Serious Play – Collaboration and Ideation

Outline: Build your way to a better business with LEGO Serious Play. Lego Serious Play, a three-dimensional thinking and communication process, helps teams align and gel. You take a group of individuals; “people silos”, and weave them into a cohesive team. There will be 100% participation and topics of the workshop can vary from product review, team building, idea generation, etc. For a potential session at DOC Manchester, I could offer either a session around people individual challenges (barriers, ways of working, challenges) or offer a session where we could some research about the conference, what would people expect the next time, how would a perfect conference for them look like, etc.

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