Ben Reason 
Author and Founder

Presenter Profile: Ben Reason is the founder of Livework, a service design studio based in London, Rotterdam and Sao Paolo. Livework is a pioneer of Service Design and remains proudly independent. He is a co-author of two books; Service Design: From Insight to Implementation and Service Design for Business. He is a pioneer and thought leader in the use of service design and his company specialises in government and public services and the use of service design by industrial firms to help them transition to services. Since Livework’s inception, he has been fascinated by the potential for service thinking to transform the relationships between people and between people and the wider world. Using an operations approach Ben is helping clients build their capabilities as they transform their services.

Presentation Title: Operationalising Service Design

Outline: Ben will provide a brief backstory of service design and Livework’s experience as pioneers. He will then focus in on a key challenge; what does design need to do to be effective within organisations? Ben will share how livework approach this challenge with examples of their more recent work. Touching on a range of factors from people to metrics to change methods. Finally Ben will reflect on the theme of the conference and how diversity and inclusion issues can be addressed in design work.

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