Daniel Stillman
Conversation Designer 

Presenter Profile: Daniel Stillman designs conversations for a living, and insists that you do, too. He works with organizations like Google, Nike and Visa to help them frame and sustain productive dialog, deepen their facilitation skills, and coach them through the innovation process. He hosts The Conversation Factory podcast and is the author of the upcoming book, “Good Talk: How to Design Conversations that Mattter” a handbook for changemakers and innovators on how they design the conversations in their work and lives.

Workshop Title: ‘Designing the Conversation: Remote Facilitation Masterclass’

Duration: 3.5 Hours

Outline: Facilitation is a magic skill that can transform any meeting, offsite or workshop. And facilitative leadership is a core skill for stakeholder engagement and change management.

When we need our facilitation skills the most, the stakes are too high to experiment, try something new or stretch ourselves.

This is not a chalk-and-talk webinar. The sessions will be highly interactive with multiple facilitation simulations, activities and collaborative sessions. You’ll leave having had the chance to try on a variety of new facilitation approaches in a safe space, learn new icebreakers and warmups and collaborate with a group of other passionate facilitators.

We’ll also cover elements of the Conversation OS Canvas to help you see and shift critical elements of dialog and to map the leadership conversations you host to better understand how to plan and facilitate them more effectively.

After this workshop, leaders will have deeper skills and tools in order to: 

 Facilitate transformative conversations

 Drive alignment and vision with confidence

 Rethink their workshop planning approach

We cover:

• How to manage difficult people

• How to manage yourself and the multiple roles you have to take on

• How to lead group synthesis of complex data

• A ton of new icebreakers, energizers and eye-openers

• A mindful approach to group work • Improve your visual facilitation skills • Narrative frameworks to transform your workshop planning.

In a poll Twitter users were asked, “What’s the best conference workshop you’ve been to in the last year?  

“truly one of the best classes I have attended, grab one if you can!” https://twitter.com/tinkadoic/status/1183406071026634752 

“An intensive, hands-on experience for experienced facilitators and managers to deepen their facilitation practice”https://twitter.com/kaihaley/status/1181992001484382209

Company Website: https://theconversationfactory.com