Tim Keough
Director and Board Member

Presenter Profile: Tim Keough is a successful technology entrepreneur who focuses on building successful companies that leverage technology to solve complex business problems. Tim serves on the Sympli Board of Directors. He provides active leadership on strategy, business development and sales activities, bringing many customers from the Global 2000 to the Sympli platform. Tim has a keen interest in design, garnered from his experience leading the development of technology solutions and companies. He believes that design, when combined with robust design operations, can improve performance at businesses large and small. Tim is also the founder and CEO of Chainable Corp, a technology venture studio with portfolio companies in blockchain, payments, gaming, government, loyalty and other areas.

Previously, Tim founded, built and sold multiple technology companies, including: Kinsail Corporation (a leading SaaS provider powering permitting, licensing and other transactional services at numerous Federal and State agencies), Zona Financiera (the largest financial application service provider and portal focused on Latin America), AperServ (a cloud-based performance measurement and management platform), and Virtual Loan Corp. (the first online loan marketplace for mortgages and home equity loans). Tim also serves as an advisor, mentor and angel investor for many startups in the U.S. and worldwide.

Fireside Chat: ‘The Dangers of Hype-Driven DesignOps’

About: Demand for greater designer velocity continues to increase while these teams operate at a fraction of the size of their developer counterparts, creating the perfect storm for short-sighted, hype-driven design operations decisions to improve productivity and efficiency. Unfortunately for product leaders, the blast radius from adopting the wrong design operations tools and models reaches developers too and can derail the design-to-development process. During this talk, Tim, board member of design collaboration, version control and handoff suite, Sympli.io, will discuss best practices for today’s design teams to audit their needs and safely pilot new DesignOps approaches.  

From tech-native companies to those just starting their digital transformation, Tim will discuss considerations such as adoption and management of design systems, establishing and maintaining relationships with engineering and approaches to tooling selection with org constraints in mind. Based on Tim’s work with customers such as Razer, Visa and Udemy, attendees will learn how to identify their best-fit solutions so they can improve their design-to-development process, including minimizing wasted time and resources and remaining flexible for future needs

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