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Presenter Profile: Paul is a Service Designer and Squad Lead at SPARCK, the strategic Design Agency of BJSS. He’s been planning, prototyping and designing digital products and services for over 20 years and has created innovative solutions for some of the UK’s largest organisations and government departments. A self-confessed Typothermiac and a bit of a geek, when not thinking about human centred design he spends his time as #DesignThinkingDad coming up with ingenious ways to entertain his four kids whilst robot proofing them for the 4th Industrial revolution.Presentation Title: Successful Digital transformation within Government or ‘Designing for Blind Dinosaurs with Sausage Fingers’  

Outline: Successful Digital transformation within Government or ‘Designing for Blind Dinosaurs with Sausage Fingers’ The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is the Department for Transport’s executive agency responsible for ensuring drivers and vehicles may legally use the UK road networks. As part of its five-year strategy to transform into a digitally enabled organisation, it is adopting User-Centred Design and Agile ways of working to deliver better products, services and user experiences. Over the last 2 years as part of a multi-agency, co-located team I’ve been on a DesOps journey within the agency — on a mission to improve the UK’s Driving Test Experience. Every year over 1.8 million practical driving tests are conducted in the UK. 1700 Driving Examiners across 375 Driving Test Centres ensure drivers have the skill, knowledge and understanding to be safe and responsible on the road. The completely paper-based service has seen little change over the last 25 years and was identified as an area in need of modernisation through the introduction of mobile devices. But with a user base potentially reluctant to change and new to technology how do you bring everyone along on that digital transformation journey? In this talk, I’ll share how through continuous user engagement, extensive research and co-creation, empowered teams can develop great user experiences and deliver outcomes at pace – why a Government Digital Services Assessment is the best thing that can happen to your project – how a government agency is successfully achieving its vision of becoming a digitally enabled organization and re-inventing itself for the future. 

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