Marzia Aricò
Design Director

Presenter Profile: Marzia is a Design Director at Livework Studio. A service designer with a PhD in Organisational Studies, who today focuses primarily on helping large organisations globally become more customer centric by using design principles and practices. She constantly explores the boundaries of design, experimenting with different disciplines. She regularly shares her experience at a series of international conferences and she is visiting lecturer for a number of universities committed to researching and teaching service design. She is also an amauter surfer.

Presentation Title: Operationalising Service Design

Outline: Marzia Aricò, together with Ben Reason, will provide a brief backstory of service design and Livework Studio’s experience as pioneers.  They will focus in on a key challenge; what does design need to do to be effective within organisations? She will share how Livework approach this challenge with examples of their more recent work, touching on a range of factors from people to metrics to change methods. Finally Marzia and Ben will reflect on the theme of the conference and how diversity and inclusion issues can be addressed in design work.

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