Experience Consulting Lead

Profile: With over 12 years experience in UX Design, Shean has spent the past four years in the Middle East building design capabilities for organisations and leading experience-led transformations.

He is currently the Experience Consulting Lead at PwC Dubai, where he is spearheading the build-out of the firm’s first Experience Consulting team in the region. The team brings together a wide range of design expertise from Service Designers to Visual Designers, Business Designers, User Experience Designers and Creatives who focus on delivering omni-channel experiences while creating an environment and culture where designers can prosper. In addition to this work, Shean is also the Chief Designer Officer at doh – a UAE-based F&B startup that specialises in donuts and coffee. At doh, he passionately oversees the design execution and the end-to-end customer experience from packaging to products through to the physical experience.

Title: Application of Design Methods, Tools and Playbooks to Accelerate Design Adoption

The adoption of design is hitting a critical point. There have been multiple acquisitions globally by consultancy firms all the way to big industry players, who have identified the power of having designers as part of their teams. However, the challenge for most organisations is what to do with the designers once they have integrated them into their workforce. In some cases, we are seeing design leaders who are taking a step forward to dictate the direction and infuse design methods into large organizations and adoption on large scale projects, but this is not always the case. There is still a tendency to carve out projects per capabilities such as strategy, technology, experience etc. This is resulting in the delivery of fragmented transformations.

 A key component to bridge the gap is the creation and adoption of design methods, tools and playbooks that support cross-functional and multi-disciplinary capabilities combined to deliver value to clients. As design leaders it is our role to actively shape the tools that integrate strategic thinking with creative thinking and technical know-how to take an outcome-driven approach.