Arvind Lodaya
Professor of Design
Vidyashilp University

Presenter Profile: Arvind Lodaya is a Design and Innovation Expert, with over three decades of experience in designing products, brands and strategic consulting. His recent work has explored the challenges of designing for Sustainability and Equity – both examples of Wicked Problems – and strategies to attain these goals. He is Professor of Design at Vidyashilp University in Bangalore, India, and has written, taught and lectured widely in India, Europe and the USA on design, society and the environment. He also consults and advises Social Innovation startups. 

Presentation Title: Designing Means (and not Ends) to Solve Wicked Problems

Outline: Wicked Problems are a special category of complex and systemic problems that are unique, interconnected (multiple) and defy templatization. Conventional technical or even scientific methods help us analyze their origination and evolution, but fail to help solve them. Looking at history, the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi offers insights and inspiration to how socio-cultural-political wicked problems might be solved – and his one statement in particular: “Focus on the Means, and the Ends will take care of themselves” – holds remarkable potential when incorporated as a design principle, in solving gigantic, hairy and complicated challenges like Sustainability or Social Equity & Justice.

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