Service Design & Transformation Consultant at Publicis-Sapient

Marcus Kirsch is a Service Design and Transformation consultant at Publicis-Sapient and has been a pragmatic problem solver for 20 years, connecting the people, technologies and processes to create innovative outcomes across various industries. A Royal College of Art graduate, MIT Europe researcher, a Conference speaker and writer for various publications including Wired Insights and Guardian Media.

We live in an era of wicked companies. Why? Mass production is a tame problem; creating iteratively evolving offers for today’s world is not. A tame problem does not change while you are working on it or after you finished building the solution. We are still designing companies to solve tame problems, and this approach either creates the wrong investment or often leads to solutions that can not compete in today’s world. Wicked problems change while we are working on their solutions. Everyone can create a wicked company, but to do so, you need a new mindset around operations, capabilities, governance, teams and the support for outcomes. If you ever asked yourself why your company is struggling to do better in today’s world, you are probably using tame company approaches to solve wicked problems.

With over 20 years working in too many industries to name, I have seen that the value new tools can bring has been overlooked, because a tame mindset makes a wicked opportunity invisible to the viewer.

In my new book, I will talk about the difference between a tame and a wicked company and what mindset and characteristics you need, to become a wicked company.

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