Service Design & Transformation Consultant at Publicis-Sapient

Marcus Kirsch is a Service Design and Transformation consultant at Publicis-Sapient and has been a pragmatic problem solver for 20 years, connecting the people, technologies and processes to create innovative outcomes across various industries. A Royal College of Art graduate, MIT Europe researcher, a Conference speaker and writer for various publications including Wired Insights and Guardian Media 

Marcus believes that successful actions are driven by open and collaborative thinking and enabling a work context of constant learning and curiosity.

In a new cross-disciplinary and horizontal world of teams and tasks, language plays an essential role in setting expectations and defining value and outcomes. It is time we think of language as cross-disciplinary as we think of skills.
Every practice goes through knowledge evolutions. Anyone who worked in a job for more than a few years has seen different frameworks and ideas on management, production approaches, communication principles and rules, ways of working and means of expanding what contributes someone’s area of expertise and role within projects. As a developer, I have seen computer languages, and their frameworks arrive and disappear. As a manager, I went from Prince2 to Agile. As a designer, I use Service Design and Google Sprints. New things come with their respective and differentiating language. We love discovering and learning new things, but in terms of project efficiency, these different languages make collaboration and agreement on value and process often time-consuming and inefficient. 
Today we are starting to throw multiple disciplines and their languages and mindsets into a new type of teams. The need for cross-disciplinary teams will likely increase. The clash of languages that need to align is inevitable. If we want to solve complex problems better, we need to simplify the way we share knowledge and accept each other’s mental and value models in which we describe the world.
In this talk, I will look at the different challenges I observed in projects and propose a way forward to measure success together and create synergy, instead of missing opportunities and insights on progress.
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