Marcus Kirsch
Author and Founder
The Wicked Company

Presenter Profile: Enabler, connector, sense maker & liminal space traveller. Yesterday’s problems will be automated; tomorrow’s need is our focus. For more than 20 years, Marcus has been working for various industries, SMEs and multinationals. He helps organisations and individuals improve to identify and communicate the value they create for organisations. He has helped create millions in business benefits through special projects and change programmes. He is the author and founder of ‘The Wicked Company’ and co-host of ‘The Wicked Podcast’, reviewing business books on the future of organisations together with Troy Norcross.

‘Presentation Title: TeamsOps – Building ‘Wicked’ Teams

Outline: At DesignOps Global in 2019, Doug Powell, Vice President of Design, said for IBM’s over 4,000 designers, understanding business better is one of the biggest things missing. What he described, in different terms, was the ineffectiveness gap between leadership and the teams creating the business value. Based on various research by McKinsey, Deloitte and others, this gap creates investment losses in the billions. TeamOps, as a wrapper for DesignOps and DevOps and a complimentary connecting point between leadership and teams, fills this gap. It introduces a simple, more integrated end-to-end team lifecycle that: – reduces onboarding and admin time and costs – improves de-risking and business value creation – improves reporting & measuring – better identifies future growth opportunities and the ability to pivot This workshop aims to introduce TeamOps, the role of leadership and team within this model, and its business case and principles. As a participant, you will learn its principle tools and process models. You will be able to take away everything needed to make a case for your organisation or start implementing its benefits in your team tomorrow. The workshop includes a Q&A with Marcus and a discussion about some of the case studies across his 20+ year of experience in innovation, change and transformation across various industries.

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