Marcus Kirsch
Author and Founder
The Wicked Company
& Head of Business Design
WPP IT Global

Presenter Profile: Marcus Kirsch is a dot-com veteran, author and thought leader for design thinking and transformation. He is a Royal College of Art alumnus and ex-MIT Europe researcher and has worked for Astra Zeneca, BT, GSK, NHM, NHS, Nissan, HSBC, P&G, Kraft, Telekom Italia, WPP, to name a few. He believes that we live in a liminal space between tame and wicked problems. He believes that we need a new relationship between leaders and teams to be more successful in change and transformation digitally and operationally. He runs a podcast on business books in his free time and enjoys running, climbing, pottery and feeling old when skateboarding.

Presentation Title: From Scratch – Building design and teamops in IT

Outline: Look at how IT is doing at embracing design. IT organisations have a more challenging time adopting effective design thinking processes and integrating the value of design into their organisations because, historically, they are tech value driven. Most organisations have not moved to a highly agile, iterative IT process and are often in the middle of significant tech transformation because of that very gap. How do you grow design in an environment with its budget and programme description based on tech value and doesn’t even mention customer experience? Over the last four years, I have been inside efforts at BT, HSBC, Natwest, NHS, Astra Zeneca, NTT Data, Imperial College and WPP. The ambition is often the same, but the execution makes the difference between vision and reality. This talk will look at learnings, pitfalls to avoid and how to avoid common mistakes when investing in teamops, design thinking and customer experience in the context of IT.

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