Dr. Shuo-Hsiu Hsu
Design Operations Manager

Presenter Profile: Dr. Shuo-Hsiu Hsu is an UX/UI designer at AIRBUS, devoting UX design to the digital transformation in the aviation sector. Shuo-Hsiu is in charge of DesignOps to support AIRBUS cross-group design teams and to amplify the value of UX design at AIRBUS. Solid background in industrial design, Shuo-Hsiu’s hybrid knowledge of computer science and design methodology develops specific research methods for UX research in consumer electronics and telecommunication services, as well as online productivity software. Throughout his 15+ years of professional experience, he has been working on UX innovation projects both in industries and academic institute including Philips Innovation Center Asia & Philips Research Labs UK, Orange Labs and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers where his scientific publication and patents highlights international recognition in UX-driven innovation

Presentation Title: Reflections on DesignOps at AIRBUS

Outline: The objective of this talk is to share my 4-year reflection in scaling up DesignOps inside AIRBUS in terms of timeline, strategy, structure and task coverage. Digital transformation brings birth to different design teams across complex structures inside AIRBUS . Facing various frictions such as long processes, high regulations and political issues, the mindset of DesignOps was introduced at the early stage to support designers and facilitate their daily activities in order to amplify the value of design. Lessons learned on this 4-year journey are shared in terms of : – What is different and how to get started, – What is projected to pave our way of DesignOps, – What is the strategy of designOps and how to get it scaled up – What flexible model helps us to adapt DesignOps to AIRBUS context – How to keep DesignOps survived facing different challenges Each lesson is highlighted by what works well and what doesn’t work. I look forward to sharing this case study as a reference for those in the DesignOps context.

Company Website: https://www.airbus.com/en