Jose Coronado 
VP & Head of DesignOps

Speaker Profile: Jose Coronado is a VP and Head of DesignOps at JP Morgan Chase & Co. He is the former Principal at Digital Impulsum. As a design consultant he has worked with companies to help them build and expand their UX and Innovation programs. His project and client experience includes McKinsey, Accenture, Aquent, Bain Capital and AIG. Jose’s career includes leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies like ADP, Oracle and AT&T. He is the editor of Design Impact a digital publication where he shares leadership lessons from emerging and established design leaders around the world.

Presentation Title: Engage, Grow, Amplify – The Strategic Value of Design Operations in Organisation Transformation

Outline: Organizations across industries are embracing design and are hiring designers in large numbers. As these design teams achieve critical mass, they experience growing pains. Design leaders at the forefront of change realize that they need a strong DesignOps foundation to engage designers, grow and amplify the impact of design for the customers and the organization.

The impact of design in organizations is growing and the demand for design to scale is increasing. Organizations of different sizes are realizing the strategic value of design in the success of their product and innovation programs. Emerging and established design leaders need to create and lead global UX programs that leverage DesignOps as a key pillar of the organization transformation strategy. Exerting strategic influence and injecting design into the organization’s DNA requires a multi-prong approach focused on people, processes, tools and culture change. The design team needs to transform itself in order to drive the organization transformation. Teams need to be rewarded to collaborate and there must be incentives to promote fast learning and recognize risk taking. 

This presentation will share the framework and lessons learned in the journey building a global DesignOps practice from the ground up, some of the challenges we faced and key questions we had to answer: 

Where do we start? 

How do we decide what needs solving? 

How do we demonstrate our strategic impact? 

How do we know we are succcessful?

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Workshop: What got us here will not get us there – Developing and growing design leadership.


As more organizations recognize the importance of design in business, designers will need to evolve their focus beyond the craft. If we want to expand our influence within our organizations, we have to showcase the impact design has in the business and not the methods and processes we use.  

Participants will learn frameworks that will help them develop their own playbook for the road ahead in their professional journeys.

The workshop is based on lessons learned from consulting engagements and leading the transformation of in-house design teams to drive a change from tactical to strategic impact.  The stories and the approaches shared are primarily based on Jose’s leadership journey and are supplemented by a series of interviews he conducts with emerging and established design leaders from around the world. The audience will have key takeaways to develop their own playbook and apply to their journey, advancing their professional development, their team growth and their influence in their organizations.

Who is this workshop for?

Aspiring and emerging design leaders will take away a flexible blueprint that can be applied and used for your own career development and it will also help you develop your team.