DAY 3 | Saturday, May 30

Day 3 | Saturday, May 30


This year we will be providing a range of workshops that are created and facilitated by some the world’s leading practitioners and thought leaders.

Workshops are free for holders of VIP 3 Day Passes. We will be adding more workshops in the coming weeks and months leading up to the conference.


Workshop Registration

Reception Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester.


08:30 to 16:45

Dave Malouf, Author, Designer and Consultant

DesignOps at Scale

All Day

09:30 to 13:30

Peter Fossick, Designer and Consultant

Delivering Innovation Using Ops Principles


09:30 to 13:30

Josh Silverman, Founder, Designer, educator

Feedback and critique – how to develop a listening and learning mindset and give great feedback


09:30 to 13:30

Jose Coronado

What got us here will not get us there – Developing and growing design leadership


Workshop: ‘Using DesignOps at Scale’

Facilitated by: Dave Malouf 

Sponsored by: IXSD Academy

Description: DesignOps like DevOps is centered on providing an organization with highest potential value. DesignOps works to provide the highest value proposition of design and amplify them in an ever growing complicated environment. While historically, design focused on process, methods, and craft, this has limited the total value output by design practices due to a lack of operational attention. In this workshop Dave will introduce participants to the 3 lenses of DesignOps, and how each one alone and together helps an organization increase the value it gets from its design practice. Participants will then utilize key frameworks from strategic thinking and service design to learn what the right questions are to go back home with and start developing their own operational models for their design practices.

Who this is for?

This workshop is for Senior Stakeholders, Product Owners, Delivery Leads and Lead Designers that want to operationalise an approach to design at scale. 

About the speaker

Dave Malouf is currently the Sr. Director of Strategy and Operations—Design for Northwestern Mutual. He is based in New York City, USA. Previously, Dave was an independent consultant and part of the Group of Humans where he specialized in helping organizations across all market types kick off and design their own Design Operations Practices. 

His clients included Here, Inc, Boston Consulting Group—Tokyo, NYU, JPMorgan, Visa, The World Bank, Zalando, Elisa, among others. He is a co-author of the “Design Operations Handbook” by Design Better, InVision, author of “What is Design Operations?” on O’Reilly, and “UX Leadership Guidelines” by UXPin. 

He is also the co-founder and co-curator of Enterprise UX (now Enterprise Experience), and the DesignOps Summit. Finally, Dave is a co-founder of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), and was co-founder of its first Interaction conference, founder of its Student Design Challenge, and its Education Summit. He is a globally recognised keynote speaker, author, and workshop facilitator on the topics of Design Operations, Design Leadership, and Studio Design Practice.

Workshop: What got us here will not get us there – Developing and growing design leadership

Facilitated by: Jose Coronado

Sponsored by: IXSD Academy

Description: As more organizations recognize the importance of design in business, designers will need to evolve their focus beyond the craft. If we want to expand our influence within our organizations, we have to showcase the impact design has in the business and not the methods and processes we use.  

Participants will learn frameworks that will help them develop their own playbook for the road ahead in their professional journeys.

The workshop is based on lessons learned from consulting engagements and leading the transformation of in-house design teams to drive a change from tactical to strategic impact.  The stories and the approaches shared are primarily based on Jose’s leadership journey and are supplemented by a series of interviews he conducts with emerging and established design leaders from around the world. The audience will have key takeaways to develop their own playbook and apply to their journey, advancing their professional development, their team growth and their influence in their organizations.

Who this is for: This workshop is for Senior Stakeholders, Product Owners, Delivery Leads and Lead Designers that want to operationalise an approach to design at scale. 

About the speaker: Jose Coronado is a VP and Head of DesignOps at JP Morgan Chase & Co. He is the former Principal at Digital Impulsum. As a design consultant he has worked with companies to help them build and expand their UX and Innovation programs. His project and client experience includes McKinsey, Accenture, Aquent, Bain Capital and AIG. Jose’s career includes leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies like ADP, Oracle and AT&T. He is the editor of Design Impact a digital publication where he shares leadership lessons from emerging and established design leaders around the world.


Workshop: ‘Delivering Innovation Using Ops Principles’

Facilitated by: Peter Fossick

Sponsored by: IXSD Academy

Description: This workshop will look at the people, processes, practices and places needed to embed a culture of innovation. It will explore how Service Design can be used to define a strategic roadmap and how #InnovationOps that incorporates #ResOps (ResearchOps), DesOps (DesignOps), BizOps (BusinessOps) can be used to deliver disruptive and radical innovation by teams. The workshop will look the mechanics of innovation need to support collaborative adaptability to deliver digital transformation at speed and scale. I will draw upon examples from across a range of sectors and focus on project work undertaken in the past few years working with large organisations. 

Who this is for?

This workshop is for Senior Stakeholders, Product Owners, Delivery Leads and Lead Designers that want to operationalise an approach to innovation and designing new products and services. 

What you’ll learn
• How to operationalise and productise innovation using design thinking and service design methods within cross-disciplines teams

 Productise a set of activities to enable teams to collaborate using an Innovation #Playbook and #Toolkit.

• How to identify value and deliver benefits to the customer and the business

• How to cast teams to ensure design, business and tech can work in a one-team culture to define a strategy and deliver radical and breakthrough innovation.

About the speaker

Peter Fossick is a seasoned leader in design strategy, service design and Innovation. He is an academic and  speaker that has taught and spoken around the world in a range topics in service design, UX design and innovation using a range of approaches including service design, DesignOps and agile principles to deliver digital transformation and customer-centric experiences within the service-product continuum. He has worked all over the world helping top tier corporations and organisations to transform their business and customer experiences. 

Peter wears many different hats; he is the founder of the IXSD Academy and the SVP of Service Design at Factotum Design. He is the former Service Design Program Director at IBM, a former Director of Strategic Design at Boston Consulting Group-Digital Ventures, and a former Director at Publicis Sapient.

Peter set-up the first BFA and MFA in Service Design at SCAD and was the course leader of the MDes in Design, Innovation and Management at MDX. He has been a full time lecturer at Glasgow School of Art, SCAD, Central Saint Martins (UAL), Middlesex University and the Hong Kong Design Institute. Recently he co-founded the IXSD Academy.

Workshop: Feedback and critique – Developing a learning mindset and How to give great feedback.

Facilitated by: Josh Silverman 

Sponsored by:  IXSD Academy


Feedback and critique are unique types of conversations focused on improving ideas. Feedback can be biological or physiological – but the purpose of this workshop is to recognize and improve the many kinds of feedback we encounter in the workplace.

We start by defining what feedback is, how it’s unique and ubiquitous, as well as what makes it valuable, welcome, and effective. We necessarily examine what makes it ineffective or unwelcome.

Next, we’ll discuss the five types of feedback (self, positive, unclear, inactionable, and unsolicited), and we’ll learn how to remove ego from each kind of conversation, plus why that’s important. Participants will learn how to request feedback, provide it, and integrate it in their work.

This workshop is a safe learning environment with a growth mindset, in which participants will practice, through sample situations, and learn from each other.

What you’ll learn: 

• A deep understanding of the three phases and five types of feedback, and why successful, actionable feedback starts with how you request it

• Identifying the levels of listening, and how to integrate feedback with intentionality • Real-world sample situations to practice in small groups, unpack, reconfigure – and practice again

• BONUS! Each participant in the workshop will receive a take-home CritKit (, plus suggestions for its integration in your work

About the facilitator

For 25 years, Josh Silverman has created successful relationships through design. He speaks and hosts workshops globally, teaches and guest critiques nationally, and is always connecting people and communities. He is currently consulting in design operations, with clients such as NYU, Cloudflare, and Blend, and coaching design leaders. Recently, he advised startups inside Sequoia Design Lab, served as Twitter’s first hire in design operations, and was one of the founding designers of the IBM Cloud Garage. In 1997 he founded Schwadesign, a lean, holacratic-model business, where he managed diverse teams and scaled the business for 18 years. Together, their work was recognized by The Wall Street Journal,, The Boston Globe, and more. His wide range of clients have included startups (iRobot, Cloudflare, Blend), educational institutions (MIT, Harvard Medical School, Brown University), global corporations (UBS, Wells Fargo, Accenture), cities (Providence, RI, Cambridge, MA, Bethesda, MD), non-profits (American Heart Association, Friends of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), and many more. Josh is preternaturally curious about patterns in decision making and the shapes of teams.