Caitlin Wagner 
Senior Design Manager
Sponsored by Invision 

Presenter Profile: I am passionate about creating thoughtful, engaging, and compelling digital experiences that people love. My strengths are in strategic and conceptual thinking, user-oriented storytelling, and bringing clarity to abstract ideas. I have a background in traditional graphic design, and experience in everything from real estate startups to natural language processing, but all of my work centers around a primary goal of solving compelling problems through an empathetic and curiosity-driven understanding of human behaviors.

Workshop Title: Leading with inclusivity for better collaboration

Sponsored by: Invision 

InVision the leading product design and development platform for teams building world-class digital products.

Workshop Outline: Join this interactive masterclass where we will dive into leadership tactics that foster collaboration and unite your cross-functional teams.

Whether your team is fully remote, together in the same room, or a combination of the two, we want to help you create an inclusive  environment that sparks creativity, encourages active engagement, and builds trust.

During this session, we’ll explore best practices and templates to make your meetings more effective (think brainstorming, sprint planning, journey mapping).

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