Robin Wong
Principal Designer 

Presenter Profile: Robin Wong is a transformation leader, enterprise coach and principal service designer at BT. Both in his work at BT and as a tech investor and strategy advisor, he helps executives and their teams focus on understanding what their customers want & need and then continuously testing & learning what creates better outcomes that will grow their businesses.

Presentation Title: The Business Design Canvas  

Outline: Great businesses don’t happen by accident, they delight their customers by design, they inspire their employees by design, and they create the future by design. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or launching something new in an established organisation, Robin Wong will show you how to use the Business Design Canvas to break down and evaluate your business idea. Using a combination of Design Thinking & Lean Startup techniques combined with a simple scoring system, Robin will help you work out where to test your thinking so that you can build confidence in your idea and achieve better product-market fit faster.

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