Service Design Principal, British Telecom

Robin is Service Design Principal at British Telecom, a global technology company made up of over 106,000 people serving 180 countries. Robin has nearly 20 years’ experience spanning across the worlds of digital, design and start-ups, and has been applying Human-Centred, Lean and Agile principles throughout his career, including a stint working for Google’s London Innovation Hub – the Creative Lab – where he worked on a numerous cutting edge, award-winning projects.

A creative technologist by trade, Robin has worked his way across pretty much every digital department, from engineering to user experience design, to creative and strategy, and beyond, taking in operations, data & analytics, project management, and founding 4 companies along the way. As well as pursuing his own adventures designing and building AI-powered consumer platforms, he has also produced industry-recognised work for the BBC, O2, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Xbox and Playstation.

At BT, Robin is focused on embedding and scaling Design Thinking, and using Lean Startup and Growth Hacking principles and practices to drive a larger cultural and transformational change across all of the lines of business.


Practical Hacks for Scaling Design Thinking.

This talk is concerned with the practices and principles that we’ve used at BT to scale Design Thinking across the business. Ideas that have stood the test of time and survived to tell their tale through dozens of customer iterations and sentiment analysis studies – Ideas that you can take away and apply to your own businesses. We start by showing you how we’ve developed learning journeys that draw people in and pull them along, and what factors increase the likelihood of people continuing their journey to eventually enjoy mastery of new ways of working, and help us spread word faster. We look at the most effective ways of embedding Design Thinking, from powerful experiential learning experiences, to creating a series of mindset-shifting “key moments”, and how we transform that momentum into scale through a program of services that lock in new habits for the squads who build them. Finally we look at how Lean Startup techniques, including Pirate Metrics and Lean Experimentation are changing how we work on both a strategic and a tactical level, and helping us make Design Thinking more tangible and measurable for Senior Managers and Leaders, further accelerating the adoption of modern ways of working across every level of the business.